Why is FVG the asset you need?

Any decision regarding the performance of your property should be informed and based on intelligent advice from professionals who dedicate their time purely to property valuation and advisory services. The progressive and highly experienced team at FVG Property are renowned for not only understanding the market, but ensuring you understand what is relevant to the performance of your investment.

Our expert team of property valuation and consultancy specialists not only offer you knowledge and experience, but we all embody the strong values FVG is highly respected for. Property is at the core of FVG but client centricity is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to serving clients will always be the driving force for not only maximising results, but for building strong long term relationships with our clients.

If you are looking to develop your property portfolio, achieve impressive results and partner with someone who can be a lifetime asset in ensuring you succeed, contact FVG today!

Property Advisory

  • Owning property not only requires financial resources, but to truly optimise the value and growth of your property you need to be armed with the right knowledge; investing in the highly experienced team at FVG means you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Commercial Valuations

  • FVG Property is considered to be one of the best providers of commercial property valuation in Melbourne.
  • Our experience in the industry and team of commercial property valuers has earned us high reputation in Melbourne.

Buyers Advocacy

  • The property market is flooded with research and opinions, so how do you know who to trust? FVG Property has been at the forefront of property valuation and consultancy for over 20 years and is your best asset in analysing the performance of your property.

Enrich your property success with FVG’s 6 key elements

Navigating the property market is challenging but if you’re equipped with the right information and skills you’re destined for success. FVG understands investors simply don’t have the time to stay on top of the ever-changing market which is why astute property investors choose FVG. Here are the six key elements FVG implements to consistently enhance property performance:


FVG Property is at the forefront of the Melbourne property market in terms of knowledge, extensive industry network and importantly experience. Creating valuable relationships with hundreds of clients for over 20 years has presented a dynamic range of situations, all unique and all appropriate to provide a strong foundation for advising clients and consistently raising the benchmark. Our team are also members of the Real Estate Institution Of Victoria, Australian Property Institute and Royal Chartered Institute Surveyors.


Staying on top of the market is one thing, but having the ability to analyse the market is vital in providing you with intelligent strategic advice. FVG has access to the latest data from numerous sources and is then able to evaluate what is applicable to you. This valuable information is then used to create personalised advice for you; advice that establishes a solid basis for consistent property wealth creation.


While we love property, helping our clients achieve great satisfaction and success through property investment is our notable achievement. FVG go above and beyond to adapt to your individual needs, ensure you feel valued and importantly to ensure your experience with FVG exceeds your expectations. We believe it is important to be professional yet remain personable and this is what our clients sincerely appreciate.


FVG take great pride in offering you a comprehensive service suite. When you choose FVG to take care of your property valuation and consultancy needs, we add-value to ensure every element is enhanced for your benefit. For instance, we don’t just send you pages and pages of data outlining our advice, we take the time to ensure you not only understand every component, but that you are comfortable with it too.


Written or verbal, keeping communication open with you at all times is paramount to FVG. Our role is of course to take care of the process however if there are any elements that require your input, we will not hesitate to notify you. Keeping you up to date is also extremely important; we understand property is one of your greatest assets and recognise the importance of exemplary communication when dealing with FVG.


Behind FVG is highly respected property valuer and advisor Mark Ruttner. Mark’s dedication to his clients has earnt him impressive esteem and he takes great pride in investing as much focus and commitment for each property as if it was his own. Mark’s hands on approach ensures he is across all facets of the business, accessible and accountable for all that FVG advises and distributes.


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